The Largest, Most Complete selection of Lures designed for Dead Sticking Striped Bass

our Dead Stick Lures has all your Fall and Winter Striped Bass Lures and much more.  We have dedicated our site to the Hybrid Striper and Striped Bass Angler.  We have all the hot new Dead Sticking Jig Heads, Flukes, and Drop Shot Clips to keep your winter striped bass fishing productive.  Leading the way, and suppling state of the art striped bass lures since 2008.  We did not invent the fluke or jig head, but we have improved them for Dead Sticking.  

We were the first to design a jig head for Dead Sticking!  We used a wide lay-flat head that would stay quite in the water, then we added a screw-lock bait keeper!  This eliminates super glue and the FAT COLLAR that will split your flukes and pull your pants down!   Bullet and Round Jig heads work, but don't miss a Striped Bass of a Lifetime due to a cheap saltwater hook!  We use Eagle Claw Hooks, and the Lazer Sharp Black Platinum is GREAT!  Ask Chris Carey of Striper Express if he likes DeadHead Jig Heads!


If you want great Dead Sticking Lures that catch Striped Bass and won't break the bank: Click, Shop, Buy, Save, and CATCH with Dead Sticking Headquarters dot com!  Often imitated, but never duplicated!  The Best Dead Sticking Lures at the lowest prices!

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